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Welcome to the Megu Sushi Cherry Hill Restaurant !

Steven Megu Lin, founder of Megu Sushi, started cooking when he was 15 years old. He quickly discovered both a deep passion and a natural gift for combining all the elements of cuisine – flavors, aromas, and appearances – in creative and delicious ways.

Steven has spent his professional years working in kitchens all over the world, training in everything from traditional Japanese fare and Sushi to Asian and European fusion. He is a veteran of celebrated sushi restaurants in Northern New Jersey and New York City, as well as of his own sushi and fusion restaurant in Minneapolis. Throughout it all, he honed his culinary talents, and developed a vision for bringing the flavors of both East and West together.

With Megu, Steven’s vision comes to fruition. The restaurant focuses on the gastronomic experience of every visitor, from the first feeling of ambiance to the last bite of a dish. Exquisite flavors and beautiful execution of traditional and innovative techniques unite to provide a wonderful experience to sushi aficionados and first-time discoverers alike.

At Megu Sushi, Steven fills every menu with cooked and raw dishes that are exciting and yet approachable, rich in flavor and quality, and that encourage diners to try tantalizing new things, satisfying favorites, and new twists on classic tastes. We explore the possibilities of local and seasonal ingredients, global flavors, and the intersection of Eastern and Western culinary traditions, to bring a memorable dining experience to every guest.

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